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Customer Relationship Marketing in the Insurance and Wealth Management Industry: Part 2

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Today’s Industry Leaders Are Evolving

To overcome these new challenges, insurance and wealth management leaders are embracing customer centricity—through connected customer relationship marketing—as well as evolving their distribution channels. GEICO has made strides in connecting both offline and online customer experiences by embracing marketing technologies. Through these technological and infrastructural investments, industry leaders are delivering personalized experiences and realizing high growth over traditional agent-based insurers. Through connected data management, analytics, measurement, and execution, these leaders are able to address customers consistently at the omni-channel level.

The Future of Customer Relationship Management

Customer centricity, analytics, real-time value chain, and a strong emphasis on the digital platform will enable leaders to deliver competitive advantage. Winners will master personalized customer experiences by connecting omni-channel data sources through an integrated and analytical environment. These efforts will yield a higher optimization of marketing spend in a faster, real-time environment.

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