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Data-Driven Marketing: Moving from Campaigns to Experiences

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to host a workshop at the 2016 Financial Brand Forum with Regions Banks’ Allison Nygaard, VP of Marketing Strategy, and Darcy Hoffmann, Senior Director at Merkle. This annual event featured speakers from top financial brands such as: USAA, Simple, Citizens Bank of Edmond, and PwC. It is especially geared toward marketing, advertising, branding, and retail executives from banks and credit unions.

Consumers now engage with financial institutions on their own terms, within their own channels, and at their convenience. Recently, Allison and the Merkle team have been working together to drive Regions’ people-based marketing approach—leveraging what we know about a person to tailor their experience in order to improve marketing efficiency, drive stronger connection with brands, and achieve incremental sales. We were excited to share our learnings with the workshop audience, and now we’d like to share them with you. This presentation also includes six workshop activities that you can complete, and solutions that you can apply to your unique marketing challenges.

Download our Workshop Presentation & Activities

Consumers now engage with financial institutions on their own terms, within their own channels, and at their convenience. To keep pace and sharpen your competitive edge, you must learn to exploit the rich streams of data available today. By becoming true data-driven masters, financial marketers can cultivate relationships, and deliver high-impact experiences based on a deep understanding of consumers’ needs, wants and desires. When executed properly, you can achieve the same levels of trust and guidance that were, in the past, only possible in person at your neighborhood branch. The workshop presentation covers:
  • How to engineer a robust data-driven marketing strategy
  • How to turn multiple sources of data into actionable consumer insights
  • How to leverage your understanding of consumers to craft experiences that deliver real value — for both you and for your customers
  • How to operationalize data-driven experiences by capitalizing on traditional tools, new platforms and emerging capabilities
  • How to measure and optimize the impact of your data-driven marketing experiences

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