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Democracy Comes to RKGBlog

Folks who have followed RKGBlog since its humble inception in Spring of 2006 will note that we've gotten more democratic. In the beginning RKGBlog was just Alan noodling around. Every once in a while he'd hector me or Larry Becker into writing something. As it gained momentum we put more energy into it, realizing that it had become a place for us to codify our beliefs about paid search and marketing in general. We hesitated to have others at RKG write for the blog. Partly, this was because those folks actually have work to do, but mostly we were scared that exposing our talented team to the world would lead talent poachers to pick them off. I still worry about that, but feel the benefits outweigh the risks. You'll note the eruption of "new" names and faces as authors at RKGBlog. Hopefully this trend will continue. Our Client Services team is, imho, the best in the business, and it's high time we let them show their stuff. These folks are on the front lines and can offer more perspective on the fine points of search than I can. I'll continue to pontificate, of course, but I'm optimistic that opening up the blog to our team of analysts will be good for everyone. Enjoy the fresh perspectives, but remember: No poaching! :-)
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