Did Your RSS Counts Drop After Migrating to Google Accounts?

Last Friday we moved our RSS from Feedburner to the new Google account platform (see Transferring FeedBurner Accounts to Google Accounts FAQ). Since then, our subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60%. We're trying to determine if this is normal or if something broke. feedburner-change
  • Did you experience any issues reaching our feeds over the last week? If so, thanks for describing in a comment.
  • Did your site experience RSS declines after switching? If so, thanks for sharing in a comment.
  • Heads up: If your site uses FeedBurner, you too must make this switch by 2/28/09. Sigh. I liked the old reports better too. Update: Feedburner Needs To Get It Together, TechCrunch
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