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The Direction of Pharma: What We Think vs. Reality

Written by guest contributor, Danielle Otte

I think it was very apparent during the ePharma conference last week that our industry continues to evolve; from talks of accountable care organizations (ACOs), and “in-minute” walk-in clinics, to big data and customer centricity, to mobile being a marketer’s dream.

There were many valuable sessions, conversations and opinions about where the future of pharma marketing is heading, such as the eye opening session on what doctors really want from pharma and a specific discussion on the social-mobile revolution.

One session in the Customer Engagement track focused on  the importance of pharma organizations having a strong and clear vision about customer centricity and making it part of the corporate culture, not just a stand-alone department. Organizations need to ensure that the brand teams are empowered. Everyone must understand the customer journey, what does a customer want at each stage? What experience was offered? We need to anticipate the needs of our customers.

Another speaker explained that our medium is changing, but our advertising has stayed the same. We have great devices, but technology is still really hard to use. For many of us, our mobile devices are very personal. They are the last thing we look at in the evening and the first thing we view when we wake. HCPs and consumers are leveraging digital devices and expecting personalized content to be available to them whenever they want it. This is a fundamental change in customers’ expectations and one Merkle is helping our client’s address. Learn about Merkle’s solutions and capabilities for Pharma Marketers.

Read more about this topic in Medical Marketing and Media’s “Docs to pharma Marketers: you’re not getting it” article that explains how one doctor tells it like it is – what works and what doesn’t. 

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