Disabling No-Follow In Comments

Update: We're currently not following (that is, we are no-following) due to too much spam. More details

"Link generously: you reap what you sow."
-- Randa Clay
We encourage comments on our blog. We're joining the "I Follow" movement, and have removed the rel="no follow" tags from our comment links. This "rewards" real comments with authentic 100% SEO-counted links. We use automated and manual filters to remove link-spam attempts. If you leave a spammy or contentless or inappropriate comment, our blog gremlins will toss it down the bottomless pit. Same goes for pingbacks from MFA sites, and keyword stuffed bogus user names. (Did your parents actually name you Viagra Online?) Thanks for staying real. For more background on the "I-Follow" movement, check out Randa Clay for background and logos, or Dawud Miracle for the DoFollow Wordpress plugin. And here's a "D-List" of some bloggers participating in this movement (as of April, 2007). Feel free to join the "movement. If you do, add your blog to the list. Update (1/15/08): We no longer display pingbacks or trackbacks due to spam.
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