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Display Advertising Landscape | Infographic

Display Advertising Infographic

Click the thumbnail to view the full infographic

With all the players in the online display advertising space, it is really hard to keep everyone straight and know what pieces to incorporate into a strategy that will work for your business.  Besides having a firm grasp of the different types of targeting independently, now we are faced with choosing the right platform that offers the right combination we are looking for.  Meanwhile, no two companies offer the same thing and it gets confusing to know how everything fits and works together. This infographic will explain how to connect the dots between ad servers, ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms vs. retargeting only agencies, 3rd party data providers, and creative shops. RKG would love to help you build the right solution for your display program.  Give us a call (434.970.1010) to find out how we can help you sort through the list and craft the right strategy for you!

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