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DMA Search Engine Marketing Certification Program: Audit Your Paid Search Campaigns

This morning's email brings an announcement from the DMA of their new course in search marketing. I helped out by designing one of the advanced modules, Auditing Your Paid Search Campaigns.

Here's the blurb:

Module 10: Auditing Your Paid Search Campaigns
With an investment as large as paid search, it’s necessary to carefully evaluate your campaign from time to time. Learn how to look for errors, malfeasance, and opportunities that can greatly affect your campaign’s ROI. Learn the foundation of costs and sales; keyword, URL, and copy basics; economics and shape of a campaign; and advanced topics including conversion, bid management, and click quality.
Presented by Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Rimm-Kaufman Group
DMA Search Engine Marketing Certification Program, Level II

Alternatively, if you're interested in auditing your paid search campaigns but haven't the time to do it yourself, give my colleague Ryan Gibson a call at (434) 970-1010.

We provide no-obligation PPC checkups for any retailer spending more than $25k a month, free. We also conduct comprehensive PPC audits for retailers (overhaul, due diligence, relaunch, etc) on a paid project basis.


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