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Do Dancing Skeletons Sell More Mortgages?

Noticed a strange ad this morning on the business page of msnbc.com.

LowerMyBills ran a small blurb ad about mortgage rates. Identified as an ad, but at first glance looks like an article. Relevant headline. Relevant copy. Relevant rate calculator gadget.



But they matched their copy with a dizzying flash movie of a circle of dancing skeletons.

Skeletons? I'm not sure I get it. What are they trying to say?

  • "The mortgage industry is dead; refinance now at a favorable rate"?
  • "Halloween is coming, always the perfect time to refi your house, trick or treat"?
  • "Lenders have skeletons in our closets; truth is the ultimate sales tool"?

Perhaps I'm looking for meaning when it isn't there. Perhaps MLB went with a random shock image to grab a click.

Hmmm... other folks have called out strange LMB video ads on YouTube.

Videos which don't match the ad.

You think LMB tested this idea, or not?

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