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Early Praise For Yahoo From Our Engineers

Yahoo's been hammered on Wall Street and in the press for the last few weeks. Commentators are making hay on the schedule slip of the new ad platform from Q3 to Q4. We're finishing up integrating our technology platform with the new Yahoo ad platform and thought we'd share our perspective. Our engineers are really pleased with the support, docs, and architecture of the new platform. DTC-XML was an ancient mess. The new Yahoo platform looks not just OK, but really good. And compared with the numerous hiccups happening on other new platforms, Yahoo is doing it right with sand boxes and solid tests. In short, our engineering team is optimistic. If the new platform goes fully live after Christmas -- our engineering tech contacts are still wavering on the exact cut-over date -- that'd be a expensive miss on Yahoo's part, but regardless, we believe the new system will be a significant step forward for Yahoo and advertisers.
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