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EComXpo Talks, and Free University Passes ($50)

ecomexpo Larry and I are speaking "at" EcomExpo next week. Larry:
Guerilla Tactics for Website Effectiveness Speaker: Larry Becker Do you get full value from each visit to your site? You can increase your sales per session through D.I.Y. tactics for smart interaction design, site analytics and usability testing. You'll see why benchmarks and focus groups mislead and what you should pay attention to instead. You'll gain tactics for design, testing and measurement that match the leanest budget and help train your in-house conversion team. We'll identify actionable metrics from site analytics tools, show how to avoid costly design blunders and how to test with real users without wasting time. You'll learn:
  • How and when a $3 pad of graph paper can beat the latest edition of Adobe Photoshop
  • How to use lo-fi prototyping to debug new features before costly development begins
  • How to conduct meaningful usability tests in 1 day, with five people, your office, and a video camera--and why this works
Paid Search: What's Now & What's Next Panelists: Amanda Watlington, Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Jeff Petrosillo, Jon Morris Will paid search spending continue to soar in the next five years or will it slow and why? Is it there any value for marketers to look at paid search beyond Google and Yahoo!? Will increased personalization challenge the effectiveness of paid search strategies? How will the growth of mobile impact paid search? What are the biggest challenges that marketers using paid search face today and do we expect them to remain the same in the future? This panel of search marketing experts will take on these tough questions and will offer you their insights on paid search.
We always enjoy meeting up with friends at the trade shows, but we'll not be doing so at this one: EcomExpo is virtual. (Oooh, spooky!) Check out the show online any time between October 9 through 11, 2007. All sessions free during this period. The show gave speakers a handful of free passes to the EcomExpo "University" (normally $50 each) . These allow you to listen to any of their session audio clips any time you want over the next six months. Give us a shout if you want a free pass.
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