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Fabric: Twitter's New End to End Platform for Mobile Development

I’m attending Twitter’s mobile developer conference called Flight in San Francisco.  Their very first one. It’s proved to be a great first event, lots of developers on the edge of their seats, and “Fabric”, Twitter’s new mobile development platform has helped set the tone. It’s a new set of three modular SDKs. For Twitter, Twitter’s ad network MoPub and  Crashlytics, Twitter’s crash reporting solution. 

There are a variety of features, including:

  • Gives developers more control over button placement and the tweet composer
  • It shows developers where to inject code into their apps
  • A new feature called Digits. It gives app users the ability to sign up new users with just a phone number.

More to come from Flight, in San Francisco.

Update #2 10/22 11:20am

The biggest take away Twitter wants developers to have is the commitment to making it as simple as possible to connect to your users. How do they plan on doing this? Through messaging, crash reports, and cross platform homogeneity for back end services. 

Twitter's Innovations:

  • Fabric: end-to-end mobile dev platform
  • New mobile first sign-up/in for users (email required and provided to app owner)
  • Crashlytics testing platform 
  • Tweet native embeds
  • Answers, by Crashlytics provides real time analytics with conversion tracking, along with real time impact and debugging reporting for catching issues before they become critical.
  • MoPub (revenue): 170 million ad requests in last 30 days. Supports all formats and remote controls for optimizing from control panel (position, frequency etc)

A significant innovation from Twitter on the mobile side is Identity with Digits.

Simply put, users want to be in control of their personas within apps. Twitter created a new registration concept with Phone number Based sign ups, instead of the Twitter login we have all known up until now. The purpose of this 'social sign-in' service is to simplify logins for users, while providing more reliable demographic information to web developers. Register with your mobile phone, and you receive a new account based on your phone number. Launching in 216 countries today. They said are choosing to use phone number because it's more universal than email. 

Twitter’s Fabric in the Real World

Twitter is testing the new Fabric SDK. Twitter released Cannonball, an open source app on the App Store and Google Play that was written in Swift and built with Fabric. The source code is on GitHub at Twttiersev/cannonball-iOS and Android. Of course it's already adopted by some major brands, including McDonalds, WSJ, Spotify and Jawbone.

McDonlads's Chief Digital Officer Atif Rafiq on stage: "yes we have developers and we write code" haha. They've developed a marketing campaign where people receive offers daily and they share offers with friends. These friends may not have the Mcdonalds app but can get the offer by signing up using Digits to build an identity relationship with McDonalds through just their name and phone number. 

WSJ/Newscorp SVP head of strategy Raju Narisetti said they have completely integrated Twitter into their business and even modified their CMS to consume and write tweets (he calls them "Twitter compositions"). 

Spotify Head of Global business Development Jorge Espinel said they integrated Crashlytics to detect, access and fix bugs ASAP, of course leading to better products. Twitter Fabric allows super fast sharing via Twitter

Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman is unveiling Drop. A way to let twitter users send you song suggestions via tweets.  As the user, you see them appear in the drop app and decide if you want to play them on your Jawbone device. Pretty cool stuff.

More technical sessions and actual code coming now. Invites for Fabric coming up and access at fabric.io

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