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Favorite NEMOA quote, Day #1

My favorite quote from the first day of the NEMOA show was the following snippet from Kevin Hillstrom, formerly of Nordstrom. We were discussing how the flood of analytics generated by modern direct marketing systems can actually lead to less insight. Unlike the old days when marketers had infrequent contact with customers -- a quarterly catalog mailing, perhaps -- today's frequent, overlapping, and highly tracked marketing messages makes it tough to determine which contact/message/channel caused the order. And so some (really good) direct marketers are opting for a broader, more holistic, and (shocking!) less quant approach. Here's the quote:
[At Nordstrom], we've had a change of focus away from direct measurement.
On the panel, this generated an approving nod from Crate and Barrel's John Seebeck, a disapproving nod from Bean's Nancy Fischman -- and murmurs from the large audience of catalogers in the room. Kevin has much more detailed notes from the session on his blog. Any other catalogers having a similar "change of focus away from direct measurement" care to comment? It was fun participating, and an honor to share the podium with such smart marketers.
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