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Featured GigaOm Webinar: Performance and Versatility

Doing Responsive Design Right

Every day, the number of operating systems, screen sizes, and device types your Web site needs to support continues to grow. In theory, one adaptive, efficient, responsive Web site that could support all of those target platforms makes sense and can deliver the performance your users require. But how realistic is that, and what is the cost?

Responsive design is not a panacea. Built properly, a responsive site can perform quickly and allow designers, developers, and content creators to contribute more efficiently. Built incorrectly, a responsive site can be anything but — unacceptably slow and difficult to maintain. In this Gigaom Research Webinar, we discussed the potential for responsive design, evaluated use cases for the landscape of options available, and suggested a strategy for choosing the blend of tools, services, and methodologies that produces a performant, manageable, and responsive site.

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