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The Five Levels of Personalization Decisioning

Data-driven orchestration enables marketing to move personalization from one-to-many to one-to-one.

Personalization is delivered via a hybrid of orchestration techniques. Merkle has categorized these techniques into an orchestration maturity model, with five levels of increasing effectiveness in people-based marketing decision making.

  • Rules-based leverages business-defined rules and decisioning.
  • Segment develops audience segments for decisioning.
  • Predictive uses an automated algorithmic decisioning engine to select next-best offer.
  • Prescriptive uses detailed interactive data that provides customer intent.
  • For cognitive, artificial intelligence understands customer intent and manages conversations.

Where does your personalization decisioning fall on the maturity model? To learn more about how to make your experience more personal, read the 2017 Marketing Imperatives.

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