Business today means flying. and can help make flights a little more pleasant. Flightstats gives you on-time stats for various airports, as well as various flights. If considering a tight connection, you can use the site to see how often the first flight is late into the hub, and if so, by how many minutes. Here's a screen shot showing stats for a CHO -- DTW leg: 93% on-time, pretty good.

flightstats lets you scope out seat quality, seat by seat, by plane type. The info is incredibly detailed, indicating heating and cooling vents, noisy seats, etc. Here's a screen shot for the US Airways Airbus A321. Hovering on seat 13F, it mentions that the window is misaligned, and warning "you'll have to lean to look out." (Important info for folks who like to watch the landscape below.)


Other seat-by-specific-seat info includes warnings of limited seat recline, narrow seats in exit rows, colder and warmer seats, more engine noise, and lavatory and galley proximity. Beyond the seat info, SeatGuru provides a convenient listing of all the airline 800 numbers (for example, 800 #s for USAir).
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