Flyweight Surveys

Google relauched SiteMaps as WebMasterCentral. As they increase the statistics provided, this will become a useful resource. More transparency into the crawl and the index are always appreciated.

One great steal-this-usability-idea for retailers is the flyweight "rate this tool" survey. Just three little icons (happy smiley, indifferent smiley, sad smiley) tied to a smidgen of ajax to send the response and remove the icons after a click. Many web surveys are too long and ponderous; this super light-weight "what do you think of this page?" is really powerful.

(Back when I headed marketing at Crutchfield, we tried a similar "rate this page" with a binary "thumbs up / thumbs down" feedback which provided highly useful user feedback. We got the don't-ask-for-too-much-info part right, but could have done much better on the interface had we kept the survey on the same page and used thumb icons.)

google rate this tool thumbs up thumbs down

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