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George Michie: Advanced Search Marketing Seminar, MarketingProfs, Feb 8th

Along with Stephan Spencer, I'll be giving a Marketing Profs seminar on February 8, 2007 at 12 Noon Eastern (9am Pacific) on Search Marketing Essentials for Online Retailers. Here's the blurb: Your search marketing programs - both organic and paid - are in decent shape, but now you need to take both to the next level. Where should you invest additional resources in SEO? How can you spend more on PPC and still generate healthy sales? How can you evaluate the state of your current programs? How can you assess the potential for additional growth? What strategies and tactics should you implementing next? Stephan Spencer and George Michie will share their expertise and tips for advanced search marketing, specific to the unique challenges that online retailers face. Stephan Spencer is a long-respected expert in search marketing and founder and President of Netconcepts. George Michie, a paid search veteran since the industry's beginning, is Vice President of Client Services for The Rimm-Kaufman Group. YOU WILL LEARN:
  • Online acquisition economics
  • Budgeting and planning for paid and organic search
  • Strategies for competition with larger, better-funded competitors
  • Strategies for your key search phrases from the "head" of the search distribution
  • Strategies for the "long tail" of your search distribution
  • When it may make sense to outsource elements of your search marketing effort, and when it may not
  • The current legal and marketing issues surrounding use of trademarks and brand names.
-- George Michie
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