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Gift Certificate Laws & Security Breach Laws, State By State, For Online Marketers

Marty Eisenstein Martin Eisenstein is a senior partner at Brann & Isaacson, a top law firm specializing in direct marketing. Marty is one of the many dynamic speakers participating in the "Online Marketing Update @ Darden" on October 21 through 24 at UVA. Marty will be speaking on the intersection of the online marketing and the law: privacy, taxation, trademark, FTC, and so on. This is essential material for businesses operating online. Preparing for the course, Marty sent along some take-away summaries for attendees. He graciously allowed me to share two of his charts covering data breach and gift certificate issues, state by state. If you collect customer information, or if you use gift certificates, you should review these documents. Thanks, Marty. Great stuff.
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