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Google Announces AdWords Auction Insights Report

Google announced a new AdWords report today – Auction Insights.  The goal of the tool is to give advertisers a deeper view of the auction environment at the keyword level without divulging too much competitor information. With this new report, which can be found on the Keyword tab in the AdWords UI, advertisers can see how they stack up against the competition for a given keyword on 5 metrics: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page percent. Important notes to keep in mind – Google is not telling you that the other domains are actively bidding on the given keyword – just that their ads are triggered by it (think broad match).  Google is also not telling you (explicitly) what the total impression volume is for a given query.  They are showing you information for one particular keyword given all of the settings you have enabled for it (device targeting, geo-targeting, time of day rules, etc). The data is only available for high traffic terms, similar to Google's bid simulator tool, and we will only be able to be generate reports going back to the beginning on May 2012.  The data is populated daily, so as you change the time range you are looking at in the AdWords UI, the Auction Insights report changes to match. This also gets tricky when you think about match types.  How many keywords in your account would be eligible to show for a given query?  If the answer is more than one, advertisers may be concerned about how impressions share is calculated. Google has informed us that “an auction/impression opportunity is only counted against one keyword in an account. So, if the advertiser has keywords: [party dresses] in exact and 'blue party dress' in broad, and the user searches for party dresses, only one of these keywords can be used to serve the ad, and the system would attribute both the opportunity and the actual impression (if it occurs) to that keyword. There is therefore no double counting of an impression opportunity.” For now, this report is only available for one keyword at a time in the UI, but Google is hoping to add multiple keyword functionality and, maybe someday, API integration as well. Curious to hear what others think of this new report?
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