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Google Changes Top Ranked Ads Format - Welcome Purple!

Last week, some of our analysts started seeing pale purple (almost pink) promoted, "top-ranked" sponsored listings appearing above the organic listings on Google SERPs. Today, we've started seeing it much more regularly, some even beginning to see it exclusively. Classic: (red box added for clarity) New: (red box added for clarity) Here's an update from Google, when we asked them about the change:
Starting today and ramping up to 100% globally by the end of this week, we'll be changing the background color for ads that appear above the search results on Google.com as well as our local domains. The ads, which currently have a pale yellow background, will change to have a pale purple background. This change is part of the 'look and feel' update to our color palette and logo that we made back in May of this year to keep the Google results page looking fresh and modern. This is purely an aesthetic change to our ads and won't have any impact on the way we target or serve advertisements on Google.com.
Stay tuned! We'll be sure to report any notable CTR changes for ads qualifying for the top-ranked ads. More information on Google AdWords' logic behind what ads qualify for these top spots can be found here.
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