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Google Docs Survey Tool

Google added a survey tool to their Google docs spreadsheet app. Nice email integration, too. While it has basically the same functionality of a SurveyMonkey or Wufoo, the Google survey tool is already integrated with a spreadsheet program, making analysis easier. With other web survey tools, the first thing you you do is dump the data to Excel, then you need to keep repulling the data as answers come in. Google's approach stores your survey responses in the spreadsheet itself, always available, easily shared, and always fresh. Seth Godin suggests additional features (variable pricing, geo pricing), but even in its current form, the Google Surveys feature is quite useful. My suggested additional feature: an open API, ala Wufoo's survey API. It seems probable Google will do the same. Possible uses include:
  • buyer surveys
  • most valuable customer surveys
  • prospect surveys
  • employee surveys
To create a survey, start a new spreadsheet in Google Docs, click "Share" tab on right, name your survey, then check the "fill out a form" option under "Invite people". Link: Google Docs google docs survey tool
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