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Google: Phones, Friends, and Feeds

Three Google news items:
  • Open Handset Alliance. Yesterday, Google announced they'll be providing an open-source linux-based free OS to mobile phone makers. The software comes from Android, a startup Google bought in 2005 and has been improving since. Sprint, Motorola, Deutsche Telekom AG ( parent company of T-Mobile USA), and others are already on board. Noticeably absent: AT&T and Verizon, the 1st and 2nd largest domestic carriers. An open-source phone OS will let creativity flourish. From G's perspective, it opens up a new ad platform: there many more phones than PCs globally.
  • Open Social. Last Friday, a consortium of social networks, including Google, MySpace, LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, orkut, Plaxo, Friendster, Ning, Oracle others, announced OpenSocial, a cross-platform open API for social networks to allow data (and possibly apps) to move easily across the social web. Familiar tune: an open API will let new social networks (and mashups) flourish, and from G's perspective, hopefully diminish the growing importance of FaceBook.
  • Google Reader Share. On Sunday, Google Reader and iGoogle hiccuped in their data reporting, sending FeedBurner and other analytics counters plummeting. Not a big deal in itself, but this glitch reveals Google's RSS tools are now responsible for something like half the RSS views domestically.
google feedfetcher hiccup feedburner
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