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Google & RKG Mobile Case Study Released

Yesterday, the official Google Mobile Ads Blog featured a case study of Sweetwater Sound Inc., a longtime RKG client.  The study highlights how Sweetwater has been able to capitalize on the growth of its mobile traffic, which has more than tripled for them since 2008. One tactic that has paid off for Sweetwater has been the appropriate segmentation of tablet and smartphone traffic.  RKG was one of the first to point out the vastly different conversion rates for the two segments -- nearly two years ago -- and Sweetwater quickly took action to segment its paid search bids in light of those findings.  As Matthew Mierzejewski, RKG Vice President of PPC put it, “We were able to leverage iPad user data to increase our bids on that segment of the mobile audience. By leveraging this segmentation, we’ve been able to increase iPad CPCs by close to 90% compared to bundling smartphone and iPad devices together, efficiently driving more revenue for Sweetwater.” The Google post includes a number of other tips and metrics and we encourage you to check it out.  Also, MediaPost's Laurie Sullivan adds some additional perspective to the study in an excellent article here.
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