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Google Squashing Sarah Palin Ads?

10am Saturday morning.

Yesterday, informal searching on Google for "Sarah Palin" returned a handful of semi-targeted AdWords ads.

Last night, a couple of searches showed no ads on her name.

This morning, I see a handful of (imho) appropriate ads -- JohnMcCain.com, AbesBooks.com, etc.

sara palin - Google Search 1220103881089

These quick searches are far from scientific, yes. But I'm wondering: where are all the ads?

Speaking without data, I'd suspect AdWords is a familiar tool to every right-wing PAC, left-wing PAC, political t-shirt store, Alaskan vacation spot, and adult site.

Speaking without data, I'd wager many screenfuls of AdWords advertisers have already submitted their ads to trigger on Palin's name, which was one of the most frequent searches on Google yesterday. If we could fly inside the Adwords database, I have to imagine those ads are waiting in there by the hundreds.

As a citizen, I'm pleased to see the Palin paid results free of crass commercialism, partisan attacks, and sleazy stuff.

As an AdWords advertiser, I'm curious as to how the Google editorial process works, such that these ads aren't showing (if indeed they are not).

RKG specializes in serving online retailers; we've not done political SEM. Are the rules different? Are the rules public?


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