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Google Webmaster Tools Search Query Data Is Accurate

In my latest article over at Search Engine Watch, I attempted to bust the myth that Google Webmaster Tools search query data is inaccurate and/or useless.  I describe how some SEOs have come to the conclusion that it is not worth their time to analyze GWT data, but this perspective stems from a lack of understanding in how Google is presenting GWT data and a failure to recognize how to go about using it to gain the most value and insights. Google Webmaster Tools search query data comes from Google's side of the fence, which means it includes all keyword specific referral information that normally gets hidden by SSL secured search, like what is seen with (not provided), or iOS6 organic traffic getting labeled as direct.  The GWT numbers are bucketed, making the data less precise than it could be, but daily downloads and trending over time mitigates this issue. Check out the full post here.
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