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Googliocentrism: All The Oxygen In The Room?

the heliocentric universeSure, we all understand the online world orbits Mountain View. But yesterday a certain ratio really drove home the magnitude of Googliocentrism. Here's the story. In October, I'll be co-leading a very exciting brand new executive ed course at UVA's Darden Business School with Professors Paul Farris and Phil Pfeifer on online marketing. (The course is still in planning mode; the announcement web page is not up yet.) A great honor -- I'm really looking forward to it. So, in early spring I drew up a list of special folks I believe offer unique and important perspectives on online marketing to bring in for this course. Real web luminaries. Exactly 1 in 9 had a Google affiliation. By design. Fast forward six months: This 1/9 ratio has leaped to 3 in 9. The additions: Avinash Kaushik took on a engagement as Google's Web Evanglist in March (great for both sides!) and Google bought Feedburner this week (again, great for both sides!) Many congrats to Dick Costello and the whole Feedburner team. And it isn't inconceivable the ratio goes still higher by fall. That the web's premier organization is pulling in the nation's premier people is to be expected, I guess. Pleased to see great folks joining a company which provides them maximum leverage to spread their good ideas webwide. No surprise, no problems, no concerns. Still... anyone else having the feeling Google is sucking all the oxygen out of the room?
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