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Healthcare Reform is Here to Stay

Healthcare reform is here to stay, which means your membership one year from now will look different than it does today. The big question on every healthcare executive’s mind is how to maximize the capture of new members while minimizing the plan’s exposure to bad risk members. We all understand that healthcare reform and the exchange markets will bring an influx of somewhere around 20 million new consumers into the U.S. healthcare insurance market who have never been insured before. The big question is how will marketers be able to target and acquire more good risk members than bad?

A consolidated view of your members and prospects will help you manage the influx of new individuals into the healthcare exchange market and will drive your opportunity to get your fair share of new members. How prepared you are to handle this unique marketing opportunity depends on how robust your CRM capabilities are. Does your technology infrastructure to support customer relationship marketing look more like a bowl of spaghetti or a fine-tuned network of systems operating in harmonic convergence? I’m guessing the former. And what about your data picture? How many systems are feeding your analytic engine with data, and is your data clean and accurate? I am a self-admitted geek when it comes to this stuff and these are among the questions I wake up to on a frequent basis in the middle of the night after working late on behalf of my healthcare clients.

The good news is that there are organizations like the one I work for which spend countless hours happily thinking about how the core principles of customer relationship marketing can help clients figure this picture out. And, even better news is that we are not talking about brain surgery here, but rather creating a plan for managing your data, analytics and technology in order to drive insight for marketing purposes and decision-making.

As we usher President Obama into his second term in office, the healthcare insurance exchange markets are on schedule to open in the 4th quarter of 2013. This act will forever alter the landscape for how consumers buy healthcare insurance and how employers look at this benefit from an employee perspective. For healthcare marketer’s, there is still time to get better prepared for this opportunity but the window is closing fast. Gone is the possibility that this legislation will be overturned, and with that we welcome a new era of direct marketing strategy focused on the individual consumer.

No one is going to get hurt doing this work. (But, if you do, you will have had the opportunity to obtain individual healthcare insurance on the exchange market as a result of healthcare reform). 

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