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How clear are Your invoices?

Every interaction with a customer or client should be consistent with your brand. Even what is often the final step in the sales cycle -- invoicing. Here's a solid example of invoicing done right from the folks over at Feedburner (recommended): * The invoice is clear, concise, and polite * It breaks out charges clearly * It prorated a partial month of service * It provides the exact billing amount, the charge date, and the last four digits on the credit card * It provides information on how to drop unwanted services * It doesn't market additional services Polite and efficient -- consistent with the entire Feedburner experience. Good stuff. -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 3:57 PM To: xxxx Subject: FeedBurner Invoice for March, 2007 Hello FeedBurner user rkgblog. This email is to inform you that your credit card (ending in xxxx) will be billed tomorrow, 03/09/07, in the amount of $8.16. Date Description Amount 02/28 - 02/28 Total Stats PRO, 1-3 feeds $0.18 03/01 - 03/31 Total Stats PRO, 1-3 feeds $4.99 03/01 - 03/31 MyBrand, 1-3 feeds $2.99 Total: $8.16 If you do not wish to continue this service, you may disable Total Stats PRO by doing the following: (1) Sign in to www.feedburner.com, (2) Click on the first feed title on the "My Feeds" page that has the blue PRO icon next to it, (3) Click "Total Stats PRO" on the Analyze page that is displayed, (4) Click the "deactivate" button. (5) Repeat steps 2 through 4 until there are no more feeds with the blue PRO icon on your "My Feeds" list If you wish to cancel the My Brand service, you may disable it my doing the following: (1) Sign in to www.feedburner.com, (2) Click on the "My Account" link, (3) Click on the "My Brand" tab on the left, (4) Click on the "deactivate" botton. All cancellations must be made prior to the beginning of a month in order to avoid being charged for such month, and no refunds will be provided. For questions about your FeedBurner account, email us at [email protected] Regards, The FeedBurner Team
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