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How Evaluating Performance Increases Patient Experiences

As we learned in our previous video, having the ability to know when and where to engage your audience is important to deliver relevant messages in real time. 

Having the capability to incorporate relational insights and engagement metrics iteratively into the development of our communication strategy results in a much greater lift and ROI.

Hear how evaluating personalization and performance optimization can drive better health outcomes and ROI.

Transcript: Evaluating performance has always been mandatory for our marketing programs historically. You can’t make a decision and invest resources if you can’t measure the outcomes. The difference today is the requirement of being more predictive relative to behavior and predictive of resources, so we can shift and optimize the mix from mass media to the addressable media formats. What’s exciting is the addressable media is coming to us. The ability to deliver 1:1 experiences is now the table stake and will become the mainstay of marketing going forward. That combines predictability, better experience, and better business value. 

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