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How Nonprofits can Benefit from Cause Marketing Partnerships

For nonprofits seeking new ways to diversify funding and reach new audiences, cause marketing partnerships can help a cause stand out in a crowded marketplace, and more effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions.

In fact, according to Cone’s 2010 Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker, a partnership between a nonprofit and a company consumers trust makes them more likely to actively support the cause:

  • 50% are more likely to donate to the nonprofit
  • 49% are more likely to participate in an event for the nonprofit and
  • 41% are more likely to volunteer for the nonprofit

Cause marketing partnerships can help a nonprofit thrive by:

  • Increasing revenue by leveraging corporate financial support in the form of matching funds for fundraising campaigns and bringing in new donors and donations from consumer and cause advocates.
  • Reaching new audiences through broadening visibility of the cause and nonprofit’s message among like-minded corporate consumers, corporate employees and vendors.
  • Expanding marketing resources by engaging corporate partners in promoting cause marketing messaging on their corporate website, employee email newsletters and company intranet, company events and advertising channels.
  • Growing their email list and web traffic with compelling calls to action that are cross-promoted via the corporate partner’s communication channels (email, social, mobile, web and more).
  • Generating PR/media coverage that mutually benefits both partners in aligning their brands with a positive social welfare message.
  • Making a bigger impact by aligning with a partner to spread the message to a larger audience and in a more impactful manner.

Cause marketing partnerships work best when the nonprofit and corporate partner share a mutual goal in making a difference, understand their networks and strengths and can identify where they can come together around a shared voice and message to amplify both their efforts.

When both partners give something and receive something in return, everybody wins. Merkle’s Nonprofit Practice will be publishing a specific case study regarding cause marketing partnerships…stay tuned!

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