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How to Step Up Your Remarketing Game

It’s almost 2015 and that means if you haven’t already started building your paid search roadmap, it’s time to start. While it’s important to refresh foundational pieces such as ad copy and keyword sets, a new year is an excellent opportunity for testing and optimizing. Remarketing is a tried and true strategy that helps brands reconnect with people who have previously visited your site. Even more, remarketing is something that can be implemented across almost every vertical. With many remarketing options available in today’s search space, you can customize your retargeting arsenal to boost business. Below are two new compelling ways to move beyond remarketing via the Google Display Network (GDN):

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Perhaps the most appealing and flexible of the recent retargeting rollouts, RLSA allows you to get back in front of previous site visitors when they return to Google and conduct another search. The beauty of RLSA is that you are able to bid on a set of keywords, and if a previous site visitor conducts that query, you are able to serve them a highly tailored message with the goal of bringing them back to your site to finally convert (or better yet, convert again).

A sample optimized remarketing user flow

Non-branded and competitor keywords can be expensive and tend to carry a lower ROI, but with RLSA you can efficiently bid on them. What makes this investment worthwhile is that the individuals are better qualified and more likely to convert because not only have they already visited your site, but they are self-selecting by searching for related terms. It’s a win-win ­— their needs are quickly met because you helped them through the funnel and you’re making the sale.  

Dynamic Remarketing

If you have a Google Merchant Center account and you’re in the retail or hotel industry, then you’re in luck. With the addition of a snippet of code to your remarketing tag to gather the product ID, you can reconnect past visitors with products that matter to them. By segmenting your existing AdWords audience lists, you can serve dynamically created image ads to qualified people across the GDN. This is an excellent tactic for getting comparison shoppers to convert for the first time, cross-sell, or better yet, up-sell. If someone recently purchased a pair of earrings from one of your collections, why not serve them a beautiful visual of the matching necklace or bracelet? Have a huge category and product line? No worries, once you select a layout that suits your brand image, abandoned or related products that you deem relevant are automatically populated into the selected creative template.

Remember that your Remarketing efforts are only as strong as your audience list, so leverage all active channels to drive relevant visitors to your site. Test these at your own pace; try one tactic per quarter with incremental funds with the anticipation that you’ll also see a branded lift. Start stepping up your game now and make remarketing your resolution for 2015!

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