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How to Take Responsive Design Even Further, Part 2

Our SVP Customer Experience Group, Patrick Collins, was recently featured in iMedia Connection discussing How to Take Responsive Design Even Further. This is the second of three tactics he suggested. Check back again next week for the final tactic. 

Personalization and responsive design

What is it?

Dynamically serving relevant messages, offers, products, and design treatment in real-time site experiences based on what we know about an individual.


Personalize by device. The beauty of responsive is that it allows you a single and central place to gather, understand, and execute on information about your customer. Knowing where your customer is, or if they are on the go provides you the ability to deliver hyper relevant information.


Underestimate the amount of creative variations that will be needed. If you are personalizing images, consider that if your responsive site typically has four different images across three different breakpoints, and you are personalizing against three different segments, you suddenly have twelve images to create. Make sure to plan for the extra design approval time.

Come back next week for the final tactic on How to Take Responsive Design Even Further.

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