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How Twitter Is Just Like Brad Pitt

During a marketing meeting the other day, while on a spitfire about how awesome social media is, a client interrupts to ask me "SO, what is your one favorite social site?" While I was tempted to answer with, come to be known as my 'catch phrase' - "it depends" - I refrained and simply answered, "Twitter." Part of me still wants to answer with "it depends" because it really does depend... I am not going to tell the client wanting to simply answer customer service complaints that Flickr is totally where you want to be, man. Just like I'm not going to point the client with gobs of multimedia to share singly to Twitter. But at the end of the day, if I had to pick a 'favorite' it is Twitter. Twitter is just like Brad Pitt. When someone asks the average red-blooded American (or simply breathing) female who her favorite male actor is she wants to say "Brad Pitt, hello?!" But, she’ll try to think and stew over the right answer for a bit first... Maybe it should be the actor who's won the most Academy Awards? Or the guy who does all the artsy indie films? Or maybe that new guy with all the upcoming Hollywood buzz so she sounds ahead of the game? When really the first guy that popped into her brain was Mr. Brad Pitt. Mmmm.
Brad Pitt's like Twitter
Brad is sexy, talented, reliable... Great for marketing a flick. He's with that really hot Tomb Raider chick and he's permanently imprinted into your brain jetsetting around the globe with his gaggle of beautiful children. Just. Like. Twitter. Twitter is sexy, great for marketing (reliability is up for debate...) and let's face it, pretty inescapable. There are lots of other greats out there... You have your George Clooneys, Matt Damons and Denzel Washingtons of the world. Your Tumblrs, Kontains and Foursquares. But if you're looking for a good date night movie, girls night flick, poolside magazine story or heart throb to hang on the wall, Brad's your man. If you're at square one with beginning a social media endeavor, whether personal or professional, I say start with what you know works (or I guess in this case take my word for it and go with what I know works.) Twitter is feeling to me like the backbone of social media. It gets the job done and 9 times out of 10 does it well. And just like Brad, no matter how long since his last movie, how scruffy his beard gets or how many children call him "dad", we know we can count on him as more than a "hot for a minute" fad, but something we can turn to in a time of need. Don't be one of those people to hate on Twitter because everyone and their step sister is doing it and "that makes it lame." And don't hate on Brad just 'cause he's commercial and pretty... Uh, hello Inglorious Basterds rocked right? Or ya know, Oceans Eleven. Just trust that something is popular and reliable for a reason and give it a shot. PS - Brad, if you're reading this, call me. PPS - What is your one fav social media website?... And you can't say, "it depends."
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