"I dropped the toothpaste," said Tom, crestfallen.

100% off-topic post -- not about online marketing. tom swift My family and I enjoy word games (maybe that's why I work in paid search?). Recently we've been playing with Tom Swifties. See if you can guess the adverb. Hover to remove the gray obfuscation.
  • "Where did my garden flowers go?" asked Tom endearingly.
  • "Would you like to see my Japanese water garden?" asked Tom coyly.
  • "Let's order every appetizer at the Chinese restaurant" said Tom wantonly.
  • "I lost the ram," admitted Tom sheepishly.
  • "I know the 4th and 22nd letters of the alphabet," said Tom deviously.
  • "My car has four flats," said Tom tiredly.
  • "Please light the candle," requested Tom wickedly.
  • "My father-in-law got alot of sun in Miami," said Tom tangentially.
  • "I intend to drown myself in Egypt," said Tom nihilistically.
  • "That boutique is owned by a man," said Tom historically.
  • "Vojislav Kostunica!" said Tom acerbically.
  • "From now on I only wear kilts," said Tom expansively.
  • "My son shot up three inches last year" said Tom gruesomely.
  • "I never know what to buy at the supermarket," said Tom listlessly.
  • "Go the back of the boat!" ordered Tom sternly.
  • "I'll prepare all the lemon zest" offered Tom gratefully.
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