Increase Site Speed To Increase Site Conversion

My column this month in Catalog Success is about site speed. Faster sites are perceived as more usable, and typically enjoy higher conversion as a result. Here's the article outline:
  • Manage for Speed
    • Measure page speed
    • Establish a site speed composite metric
    • Shop your site on a slow connection
  • Remove Needless Inefficiencies
    • Improve the speed and quality of your site search
    • Shorten your shopping cart checkout path
    • Separate broadband and regular content
    • Alert customers to possible delays
    • Use height and width tags on images
  • Send Fewer Bytes
    • Let users choose if they want fat content
    • Shrink image files
    • Use CSS to reduce markup
    • Avoid HTML tables
    • Move CSS and JavaScript off the page
    • Merge multiple external style sheets, merge multiple external script files
    • Keep cookies small
    • Strip superfluous white space from your source
    • Use CSS for text banners
  • Build Pages Faster
    • Install more memory on your e servers
    • Invest in faster disks for your servers
    • Keep analysis queries off your transactional servers
    • Serve static content from a dedicated server
    • Use caching
    • Tune your server
    • Tune your database
Here's a sidebar on using AJAX for speed. Here's the full text of article. Vrooom!
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