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Internal Blogs: Less Email, Blogging Training Wheels, Link-sharing, BizCulture

Seth Godin recommends internal company blogs as a way to maintain company history. He praises internal blogs so you can look back and gain perspective on where how you got to where you are today. Internal blogs -- private, behind-the-firewall, and employees only -- are great for other reasons: * Internal blogs greatly reduce internal email clutter. Rather than email "[email protected]" about the softball schedule, post it on the blog. * Internal blogs provide a a safe practice space for writers gearing up for your public blog. * Internal blogs let folks share interesting links, both work-related and frivolous. * Internal blogs are great tool for maintaining corporate culture. We run an internal blog where all employees can post (and many do). It is working well for us. Wordpress on our own server, so free. Does your company run an internal blog? Would you say it is working?
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