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Internet Retailer 2007

Next Tuesday, June 6th, I'm speaking at Internet Retailer in San Jose. I'll be presenting tips for SEM on tight budgets -- how smaller retailers can use paid search efficiently and effectively to drive profits, not just sales or visits. My co-presenter will be Mitch Lieberman of OneWayFurniture.com, who will offer some great tips on SEO, feeds, and affiliates.
Marketing on a Budget—Promoting Your Web Site Without Going Broke Mitch Lieberman, President & CEO, OneWayFurniture.com Alan Rimm-Kaufman, President, The Rimm-Kaufman Group If you want to know the small e-retailer's challenge in marketing, look no further than Google's market value: It's at $150 billion, more than IBM, Intel, and Coca-Cola. Everyone is a search engine marketer these days. And that means they are all competing by bidding up prices for keywords at search engines. Any marketer who decides to acquire new customers through the search engines better have a big appetite for spending and an ironclad way of controlling costs. But that's not reality for most small retailers. They have to watch their spending carefully and make sure every marketing dollar results in a profitable sale. This session will lay out alternatives to the intense competition on search engines and show retailers where they can spend marketing money that creates good results without breaking the bank.
If you'd like to meet up at IR2007, give our offices a call (434-970-1010) and they'll get you my cell number. I hope to see you at the show! "Do you know the way to San Jose? I've been away so long..."

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