"It is mathematically possible for Google to become a $100B corporation" -- Eric Schmidt

“It is mathematically possible for Google to become a one-hundred-billion-dollar corporation.”
-- Eric Schmidt, discussing Google's move into advertising on mobile phones
While any company can claim it is mathematically possible to soar to unbelievable heights, such claims have more weight coming from Google's CEO. This just one of many interesting bits from Ken Auletta's profile of Google in this week's New Yorker. Others: Schmidt shushing Brin on a Patriot Act question, Page and Brin annoyed with a product engineering team showing insufficient "ambitiousness", Auletta's observation that Google's '08 revenue may match that of the four largest TV networks combined. Worth a read. Link: The Search Party: Google squares off with its Capitol Hill critics, Ken Auletta, The New Yorker, 14 January 2008
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