Keep Day-Parting Up to Date

Late last year, George Michie outlined the 9 keys to successful day-parting. Whether, you’re taking your first look at time-of-day and day-of-week performance data, or you’re a seasoned pro, make sure you’re keeping up with the ever-changing marketplace. Early 2009 has been proof of changing consumer behavior. It's important to make sure that your day-parting bid logic changes with the demand. We’ve seen a number of our client’s day-parting rules move up and/or down when compared to 2008. Where do you go from here? If you’ve never pulled the data before, avoid using preconceived notions about your website’s highest revenue generating day of the week to guide bidding. Recall that we’re crediting sales data to the hour/day of click, not order. If you have pulled data before, make sure you’re using more recent day-parting data, and keep your bid logic flexible to match consumer demand.
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