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Killer Summer Conference: BlueGlass LA

Summertime, and the livin' is easy... and so is the learnin' if you're going to be in Los Angeles on July 19th. Read on for details and a 15% discount code. BlueGlass LA is going to be an incredible conference, there is no doubt in my mind. The lineup of speakers is pretty ridiculous . I'm psyched to finally meet Dave McClure in person, who I've known since his PayPal days way back in the late '90s. Dave sponsored the LED Digest right during the dot-com crash of early 2000 and it really meant a lot to me at the time. Dave, you're good people, let me buy you a drink next week. BlueGlass will take a bit of a different tack than most conferences do. There are search and social presentations to be sure, but also lots of content on getting startup funding and dealing with VCs. Check out the agenda for the full skinny. It's going to be a pretty killer opportunity to learn about internet marketing and the VC game at one event. Not to mention killer networking. Use this code to receive a 15% discount on your registration: audette15 I'm speaking on, "How not to FAIL at getting search traffic" with the hyper-awesome Vanessa Fox. Get her new book, if you haven't already. Hope to see you there! UPDATE - Here's my presentation on Slideshare, How to Not FAIL at SEO, by Adam Audette. The conference was a raging success. Incredible content and networking. I learned a ton.
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