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Larry Becker: Effective Websites Seminar, DMA, February 20

The DMA invited me to reprise a talk I gave at their annual conference. The online seminar's called Guerilla Tactics for Website Effectiveness and it's aimed at increasing website usability and conversion. The seminar will occur Tuesday February 20, at 1 PM EST. For full details, visit the DMA's site.

Here's the blurb:

Do you get full value from each visit to your website? You can increase your sales per session through Do-It-Yourself tactics for smart interaction design, site analytics, and usability testing. You'll see how benchmarks and focus groups can be misleading, and what you should pay attention to instead. You'll learn how to recognize "customer intent," the scent your users-and-your website leave at every turn. You'll gain tactics for design, testing, and measurement to match the leanest budget and help train your in-house conversion team.

Learning Points:

  • How to use lo-fi prototyping to debug new features-before costly development begins
  • How to format content to attract shoppers and natural search spiders
  • Conducting meaningful usability tests in 1 day, with 5 people, your office, and a video camera
Hope you tune in!
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