MailBucket: An Email To RSS Gateway

I'm a raving fan of RSS. When someone sends me an interesting email newsletter, my first response is "is there an RSS feed?" Why? I don't want newsletters and alerts cluttering up my email box, and I prefer to read all my news sources through one central RSS app (personally, I'm a fan of Google Reader). But what if that shiny new exciting email newsletter doesn't provide an RSS feed? (Dinosaurs!) Enter mailbucket, an email-to-RSS gateway. If you send email to, they'll burn that email stream into a public feed located at How cool! To preserve history, I opted to sprinkled some gmail into the sauce. Here's the three step recipe:
  1. Create new gmail account, something like Pick something long and arcane to avoid spam.
  2. Under the gmail 'settings' tab, have all the email into this box forward to, while keeping a copy in the gmail box. Gmail's wonderfully large mail box serves as a history for the newsletter.
  3. Subscribe to in your favorite web or desktop RSS reader.
Don't use MailBucket for private email, as the resulting feeds are wide open. And I wouldn't use MailBucket for mission-critical information, in the service case hiccups or vanishes. MailBucket: a wonderfully simple and free means to burn email to RSS. Kudos to Tom Dyson for providing this excellent resource.
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