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Market Motive

market motive logo MarketMotive is a new startup dedicated to providing state-of-the-art training in web marketing, and I’m pleased to be joining their faculty as their pay-per-click expert. Founded this summer by John Marshall (founder and former CEO of ClickTracks), Michael Stebbins (formerly of ClickTracks, Sesame Technology, and Silicon Graphics), and Avinash Kaushik (Occam’s Razor), MarketMotive offers videocasts, podcasts, seminars, and tools on their site to help train web marketers, from beginner to expert, on the full breadth of web marketing. The site is just starting up, but shows great promise. Serving on the faculty means I’ll contribute content to the site periodically, and participate occasionally in consulting gigs for firms seeking PPC best practices. Speaking with John and Michael and Avinash, I pointed out I already have a great job I love, and they noted all of the faculty are in the same situation – they tapped faculty who are out doing this stuff every day with and for the leaders in the industry. I’m excited about MarketMotive for three reasons. First, I enjoy teaching. (I might gone the university route after grad school, but my wife’s an academic, and finding two professor jobs in the same city is hard.) I’ve been speaking and writing about paid search for about five years now, always trying to give practical advice and avoid the mumbo jumbo. So I’m jazzed about the teaching aspect. There’s a huge demand for skilled web marketers, and our field is evolving so quickly that we as an industry need all the solid educational resources we can get. Second, my own interest in web marketing reaches beyond paid search, as readers of this blog can see. MarketMotive gives me the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the business. I’ve already mentioned Avinash Kaushik (analytics) and John Marshall (conversion) and Michael Stebbins (process). The faculty also currently includes Todd Malicoat (SEO), Greg Jarboe & Jamie O’Donnell (web PR), Matt Bailey (social media), and Bryan Eisenberg (site optimization). How cool to swap ideas on web marketing with these folks! Third, Michael and John and Avinash intentionally tapped nice people for this endeavor. (Somehow I slipped in. smiley) I know the adjective “nice” sounds touchy-feely-kumbaya, but nice is real. Life’s too short to hang out with grumps, online or off. I enjoyed hanging out with John and Michael at OMW last week, and I’m psyched to spend time with Avinash later this month at Darden – in no small part because they’re nice folks. While I know the rest of the faculty casually, I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. So, if you are looking for web marketing training, for you or for your team, do consider checking out MarketMotive.
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