Marketing Carnival: Smart Billboards

This week and next, we're hosting the "carnival of marketing". Started by Noah Kagan in late '05, the carnival is an travelling assortment of interesting blog entries on marketing topics. Jeff Larche of DigitalSolid sent along his interesting ruminations on using smart billboards and cellphones as a targeted direct response marketing channel. ("Ring, ring. Hello! Sorry you're stuck in traffic in front our luxury condos. Hey, if you lived here, you'd be home now. Call 123-456-7890 to learn more...") Curiously, our friend Ilya Vedrashko over at MIT's AdvertisingLab blogged that smart billboards (sans the cell phone angle) just became reality this January 10th, when MINI USA sent owners special RFID keyfobs which cause certain billboards in NYC, SF, and Chicago to greet passing drivers by name. (In this context, "CPM" would mean "cost per motorist", I presume.) A short carnival, indeed! We're hosting the carnival this week and next week, so if you have a meritorious marketing blog entry you'd like to spotlight, drop us an email via info at rimmkaufman dot com. Here's more info.
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