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Blog - Marketing Cloud Platforms

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What a Cloud-Based Data Solution Means for Data Scientists, Marketers, and IT

Cloud computing has gained popularity due to the lower upfront capital investment, flexible cost and support models, scaling on demand, and the increasing number of platforms and services in the cloud. Here, we will share lessons and implications for data scientists, marketers, and IT looking to leverage a cloud-based data solution.

Is Google Cloud Right For You?

It’s the number-one goal of any company: creating experiences across channels to maximize the acquisition of new and the retention of existing customers. To do so, marketers must take a step back and look at the entire ecosystem that is part of the experience; make sure technologies are in place, communicate with each other, and then execute the experience.

How Using a DMP Helps Website Personalization

Targeting and personalization are key components of online marketing. By tailoring your marketing messages for the individual visitors to your website, instead of making them overly-generalized for a broad audience, you can increase the chances that they will become a customer and a repeat customer.

What Is the Merkle Innovation Cloud?

The Merkle Innovation Cloud allows us to demonstrate how Merkle can use data and these marketing cloud technologies to power the cross-channel customer experience in a real lab environment.
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