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Building an Intelligent Funnel

Shaping the success of a brand relies on a marketer’s ability to create an intelligent and fully-connected marketing funnel. A funnel moves like a swarm of birds — fluid, collective, and constantly moving to new opportunities.

It Is the Journey That Matters

How do technology B2B marketers differentiate products and services in a relevant and sustainable manner focused on increasing revenue and reducing the cost to serve? The key is putting the customer at the center of your business strategy.

Business-to-People: The New Reality for B-to-B Marketers

Although we work with some of the largest B-to-C and B-to-B brands in the world to develop their cCRM strategies, it comes as no surprise to me that many of the marketing executives I speak to still think of Merkle as a B-to-C company. The truth is, Merkle’s real expertise is in Business-to-People marketing (B-to-P), regardless of whether the client is B-to-B or B-to-C.