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Merkle Teams up with the Association of National Advertisers - Alliance for Family Entertainment Movement

Merkle, through its Women in Leadership (WiL) organization, is very proud to announce its role in the US as a co-sponsor of the Association of National Advertisers – Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA / AFE) movement to accurately portray women and girls in media. The goal of the AFE effort is to make significant progress by 2020 (which is the 100th anniversary of US women’s right to vote), to help women and girls see themselves as they truly are. The AFE is working closely with the White House and more than fifty leading marketers, including P&G, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and others on this effort to challenge and overcome the unconscious bias that exists against females and is so often portrayed in media. The premise is that this unconscious bias discourages girls from achieving their full potential – and so – it must be stopped.

What is ANA / AFE?

ANA / AFE is a coalition of 500-plus national brands that represent $20 billion dollars of annual US ad spend. The organization is a leading, trusted advocate of family entertainment and media that accurately portrays women and girls, focused primarily on TV and digital advertising.

What is the mission of the Partnership?

To join a key initiative to accurately portray WOMEN AND GIRLS IN MEDIA

  • HOW - By encouraging advertisers, content creators, and the media to depict women and girls authentically.
  • WHY - So women and girls will see themselves as empowered and confident individuals.
  • BENEFITS - Recognize the purchasing power of women. Empower our culture. Drive action and showcase success.
  • INFLUENCE: Organization across all members brings scale to our message. The ANA AFE, a trusted voice in family entertainment, has widespread influence with programmers and industry leaders.

To learn more or to get involved in this movement, visit http://seeher.com/

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