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Merry Christmas, Mike Ullman

Michael Ullman, III
Chief Executive Officer
J.C. Penney, Inc.
6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 54024

Hi Mike --

Sorry to bug you again. I know you have more important issues on your plate. But could you ask your customer relations team to assist the JCP customers seeking your help via our blog?

This story starts almost two years ago, in February 2007, when I blogged on your Shop.org keynote.

Since then, many of your customers have found our blog while looking for you (our blog comes up 2nd on 'Mike Ullman' on Google). Some examples:

  • Ken Haddow reports a poor experience with the JCP optical department in Boyton Beach, FL
  • DD Williams had difficulty redeeming an Amex gift check in Riverdale, UT
  • Kenneth Carney bought some defective jewelry in Bayshore, NY
  • Andrea Gray needs help with a defective mattress
  • Theresa Colston had problems with your photo processing
  • Richard Burns has concerns with his JCP credit card rate
  • Patrice Larkin wishes to ask you a question
  • Joshua brings up some customer service issues
  • Bernard Bartels had problems with the optical department in Erie PA
  • Viktoria May reports poor customer service at the Sephora counter in Shreveport, LA
  • Jerome needs help with a hutch
  • A woman in IL sent us $22 to make amends for shoplifting from JCP as a teenager; we forwarded you her check
  • Rachel Harper, a former employee, seeks assistance with a HR problem
  • Hank White has concerns with JCP credit card limit
  • Susan Scott wonders about JCP policy regarding "Merry Christmas"
We've passed along these comments to a JCP corporate customer relations manager. She's been very responsive and courteous, but our readers aren't aware of that.

Word-of-mouth expert Andy Sernovitz told us that following up blogosphere complaints and compliments is the highest return marketing activity. We'd agree.

Our web analytics software indicates that many thousand people have viewed these complaints so far.

Your or your staff are welcome to comment here, providing instructions how to get help from JCP customer relations.

Responding would balance the negative impressions from the comments and could help your brand.

Best wishes --


Alan Rimm-Kaufman
President, Rimm-Kaufman Group

PS Nice job on the JCP "Dog House" viral video -- kudos to your advertising team.

beware the doghouse JCP jewelry

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