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Microsoft's "Search Master Steve"

Reaching out to small businesses via offline marketing is smart for Microsoft adCenter. The weekend mail brought an eight page mailing from Microsoft. Heavy paper stock. First class indicia. The campaign features "Search Master Steve", announcing he's "here to help." Search Master Steve is wearing a blue sweater, jeans, heavy black specs. He offers $100 in free clicks for new advertisers, and three tips: (1) Choose keywords wisely. (2) Write good copy. and (3) Put your ad where the buyers are. (Tip 3 doesn't explicitly name MS adCenter... hmmm.) Steve also appears on p. 37 of the December issue of Inc. magazine. Full page ad. Same outfit. Hand on chin, Steve suggests "Clicks don't make you successful. Customers do." Does personalizing this B2B print campaign via a "Search Master" character make the creative stronger or weaker?
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